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What do you charge?

Each pool is different so let us quickly swing by to take a look and give you a FREE, same day, no obligation, no contract Estimate. It’s FREE!

Does the pool technician add water to my pool?

NO. It is the Homeowners responsibility to maintain proper water level. To prevent accidents of flooding we do not recommend that our technicians fill your pool. If you are going out of town for a long period of time, please call the office and we will make special arrangements to keep the water level up.

What if it rains on my service day?

On rainy days, we cannot service your pool. However, if it is a light mist or shower, we will add chemicals, skim the large debris, and vacuum the following week. If it rains on your scheduled service day for two consecutive weeks, we will service your pool on an alternate clear day.

Santa Ana winds: We will skim out large debris, clean baskets, add chemicals, and vacuum the following week.

What is conditioner & how much do I need?

Conditioner levels are checked monthly and added when necessary. Conditioner (Cyanuric Acid) protects the pool chlorine from the sun’s UV rays. Without conditioner, the pool’s chlorine will dissipate. This chemical is added to the pool on an ‘as needed’ basis. Billing is semi-annual. The cost will be the going wholesale price at the time of billing.

What is a Filter Service and how often do I need one?

(2-3 times yearly) The charge for breaking down the filter, cleaning, and recharging varies on filter size and accessibility. A clean pool filter is crucial for maintaining bather comfort and extending the life of pool equipment. When the water reaches the filter system, there is another basket to catch any large debris that got through the skimmer box or drain. When using a pool filter that has a cartridge made of cloth fiber, the cartridge collects the tiny particles of dirt and debris. The water then runs through a cartridge that contains chlorine tablets, further sanitizing the water. It is then pumped back into the pool through the return valves Each type of filter needs to be cleaned occasionally. On a cartridge filter, the cartridge is removed and cleaned with a hose until the dirt is removed. A sand filter requires backwashing to remove the dirt-filled diatomaceous earth. Fresh diatomaceous earth is then poured into the skimmer box, which brings it to the filter where it attaches to the filter grids.

What is Diatomaceous Earth (D.E)?

Some filters use Diatomaceous earth to help filter out contaminants. Commonly referred to as 'D.E.' filters, they exhibit superior filtration capabilities. Often a D.E. filter will trap water-borne contaminants as small as 1 micrometer in size.

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